JogStar (Google Play!) is a free to play multiplayer game for Android that transforms running / jogging outside into a challenging and addictive game with player community, ranking system and monthly competitions.

The game uses GPS and mapping technology to transform the real world into a game board. You navigate around the game board by physically running outside. You are challenged to 5 levels increasing in difficulty and rewards you can earn. Win points by running through checkpoints on the game board. You have to figure out the quickest way to reach them within the time-limit. Win rank boosting trophies by completing all 5 levels. You can also collect "Star" bonus items, which are spread around randomly on the game board.

With each game you finish, you accumulate points, stars and trophies to build up your player ranking. Stars and trophies can greatly boost your rank.
JogStar has a community player ranking system and monthly competitions. A new competition starts on the 1st day of every month. All players compete against each other for the highest rank position in the top players list. When you play the game, you automatically participate in the monthly competition currently in progress.

With each game you finish, you can increase or decrease your player ranking position, depending on how well you did. You can build up your player rank by accumulating points, running through checkpoints and completing as many levels as possible within the time-limit. You can greatly boost your player rank position by winning trophies and collecting "Star" bonus items. Every time you manage to finish all 5 levels, you will win a trophy. The "Star" bonus items appear at random locations and you can try to collect them by running within their proximity. The player ranked 1st at the end of the month will win the competition.
Rank Player Score Trophies Stars Avg.

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